Who is Protective Intellectual Property Services, LLC?

Protective Intellectual Property Services, LLC was founded to help decision making executives in small to medium size technology and manufacturing companies maximize their company’s value and growth by use of its knowledge and creations. We do this by:

  • identifying a company’s knowledge and creations; and
  • developing and implementing an intellectual property strategy that is consistent with the company’s business plans; and
  • evaluating a company’s systems for protecting its knowledge and creations and those which it receives under agreements with other companies.
  • managing a company's existing and new knowledge and creations to not accidentally lose rights and to identify new inventions and evaluate if and how they should be protected.

Lanny Feder, President, has decades of industrial experience in protecting intellectual property, technology transfer, industrial liaison, obtaining funding for and performing research and development, technology marketing, technology management and process engineering.  Lanny has interacted effectively with researchers, inventors, technologists, attorneys, government agencies and business people on the applications and benefits of innovative technologies.

Lanny received his Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering Practice from the David H. Koch School of Chemical Engineering Practice at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and his Bachelor’s Degree with High Honor in Chemical Engineering from Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, under the Cooperative Education Program.

Prior to forming Protective Intellectual Property Services, LLC, Lanny was Director, Engineering Intellectual Property in the Office of Technology Management at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  He was responsible for evaluating, protecting, performing patent and business analyses, marketing, licensing and managing the licenses for the innovative technologies developed in the University’s College of Engineering. (Please click for an article that describes Lanny's activities in the College of Engineering1).

PIPS has relationships with other professionals to provide related services as appropriate.


 1. Engineering News,Spring,  2002, publication of the College of Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago. Published with permission of the copyright holder. Photography by Dale DeBolt Photography.