Some of the Testimonials Received Include:  

” Thanks for all the advice you gave me. I was especially impressed about how well you communicate your expert knowledge in an easy to understand fashion.” May 8, 2007

Tim O’Donnell, Inventor, Entrepreneur


“If I had the Patent application process to do over again, and with the knowledge I now have, I would have hired PIPS before hiring my IP attorney. I strongly recommend PIPS to my inventor friends and colleagues.” December 2006

Joe Sameh, President and CEO, Need My Doctor


Lanny Feder facilitated the licensing of intellectual property to our company while at U-I. During the years I worked with Lanny, it was clear that he was fair, open minded and creative which significantly enhanced our relationship's success. The foundation of this relationship was based on trust, which ended up to be one of the strongest strategic partnerships fostered during my 20 year career.”

Jim Angelillo, Vice President, Business Development & Marketing, Fakespace Systems, Inc.


"Lanny demonstrates proficiency, sound judgment, and comfort in discussing complex technologies and their patent and commercial prospects with inventors, business people, and other interested parties.”

Robert Brill, Director, Chicago Office, Ziolkowski Patent Solutions Group, SC


 “I highly recommend Lanny Feder as a consultant for intellectual property services. Lanny has an excellent technical background, is a persuasive communicator, and most important, understands the business drivers that lead to successful commercialization ventures.”

Richard Biljetina, Owner, Reintech Inc.