How Can Protective Intellectual Property Services Help Me?

We are experienced in reviewing a Client's intellectual property and treating it strategically as a business asset:

  • Identifying a company's intellectual property.

  • Searching issued patents, patent applications and other prior art to determine if the intellectual property is eligible for a patent.

  • Determining areas for future Research and Development in the patent "white space". 

  • Determining cost effective intellectual property strategies that are consistent with our client's business plans.Deciding whether to protect intellectual property as a trade secret or file for domestic and international protection including patents, copyrights, trademarks and service marks.

  • Licensing / selling a client's "excess" intellectual property rights to obtain additional income and reduce maintenance costs.

  • Licensing intellectual property rights from other companies or universities to fill a clients technology needs.

  • Working with the client and an intellectual property attorney to execute the legal aspects of the client's intellectual property strategy.

  • Working with clients to ensure that intellectual property rights are not lost by inadvertent disclosure or lack of familiarity with applicable regulations.

  • Protecting intellectual property in agreements such as:
    • License agreements
    • Confidentiality agreements (CDA or NDA)
    • Research or development contracts with companies, universities or government agencies 
    • Technology evaluation agreements
    • Teaming agreements
    • Marketing agreements
    • Material transfer agreements